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Project video: destoner with optimal water recuperation

In our April newsletter, we feature an OS-Ø2000 cyclone destoner in a closed circuit with a dewatering grid, water tank and pump. Watch the project video here.

Our expertise

Constructie Bruynooghe is active in various segments of the food industry. Ever since its establishment in 1973, the carrot fresh market has been one of our areas of expertise. The cyclone destoner is a fixed value in a carrot line, but it is also indispensable for other root crops, beans and peas.

Removing heavy impurities

In this project for a potato processor, a standard cyclone destoner OS-Ø2000 was chosen. The cyclone destoner separates heavy impurities such as stones, clods and glass from the product. The impurities are discharged by means of an incline conveyor.

Capacity (ton/h)

   Cone    Flow    Potatoes    Carrots    Beans    Peas
   OS-Ø2000    100 m³/h    15    10    5    12
   OS-Ø2500    120 m³/h    20    15   7,5    25
   OS-Ø3000    150 m³/h    35    20   10    35
   OS-Ø3500    200 m³/h    50    30    18     -


Closed water circuit

After the heavy impurities have been removed, the product flow is dewatered. Constructie Bruynooghe offers various dewatering solutions. In this project, the potatoes flow over a dewatering grid before they are further processed. The water is collected in a water tank and pumped back to the cone. This creates a completely closed circuit and ensures optimal water recuperation.

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