Roller Grader

grader to grade product in different sizes of thickness

  • robust construction in stainless steel
  • verry accurate sorting
  • polished stainless steel rolls attached to chains on both sides to ensure a long life
  • sortings are manually and easily adjustable
  • range from 11mm to 80mm
  • equipped with lubrication on chain
  • highly durable drive optionally with speed control and centralized lubrication points for bearing blocks
  • minimum three sortings to maximum seven sortings
  • sound insulating material ensures a low noise level
  • conveyor belts with a width of 600mm
  • Various lengths and widths are available depending on the required capacity and / or number of sorts


  • shaker for a good distribution on the rolls of calibreur
  • choice of length of conveyor belts
  • conveyor belts bi-directional
  • underframe as desired by the customer
  • walkway and staircase along one or both side(s) of the machine


Product file - Roller Grader


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