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Octabin Crusher

The octabin crusher looses frozen vegetables stored in crates, octabins,...

Rotating drills descend into the package with deep-frozen products, so that they can be seperated from each other and the packaging can be emptied easily.

Technical details

  • Completely build in glassblasted stainless steel 304L.
  • Fully automatic cycle.
  • Manual operation possible if required.
  • Hydraulic drilling arms.
  • Adjustable cycle time depending on:
    • Packaging dimensions
    • Product type
  • Rake on the bottom of the drill arm loosens product.
  • Low rotation speed minimizes product damage.
  • Synthetic wheels absorb vibrations and stabilize the machine.
  • Drill arms are driven by SEW gearmotors.
  • Light barrier ensures safe operation.

The octabine crusher can be equipped with a remote control for operation from the forklift truck.



Product file - Octabin Crusher


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