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Internal filter drum

An internal filter drum ensures a rough filtration of the process water. The screw ribbon inside the drum evacuates the collected dirt. The filtered water is stored in a reservoir. 

Compared to an external filter drum, the filtration with an internal filter drum is rougher. In order to optimize the filter capacity, both machines can be combined.

Technical details

  • Construction out of glassblasted stainless steel 304L.
  • The dirt discharges from the filter drum on the opposite side of the inlet (= throughput).
  • Drum perforations according to customer demand.
  • Drum runs on synthetic wheels.
  • Powered by SEW gearmotor.
  • Integrated spray tube and screw ribbon for drum cleaning.
  • Hinged cover with gas springs.
  • Always mounted on water tank.
  • Diameter and length based on customer demand.


Product file - Internal Filter Drum


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