Quickly cool vegetables or fruit to the core to optimize the shelf life.

  • construction in stainless steel
  • various inspection doors provide good accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
  • top side equipped with hinged lids
  • Equipped with a robust and durable modular belt that runs out of the machine in the return part (easy to clean)
  • guaranteed clog free nozzles
  • very product- and maintenance-friendly design, which ensures a low maintenance cost
  • provide a product-friendly mill at the output for a more dosed output
  • various connection points for level detectors and temperature gauges to monitor and optimize the cooling process
  • full stainless steel pumps
  • complete finished installation (including filtration, cooling, floors, automation, ...) available
  • multiple models available in function of the product to be cooled, the capacity and the desired cooling


  • walkway and staircase on one or both sides of the hydrocooler
  • filter drum with accompanying water tank and piping
  • chiller with accompanying water tank and piping
  • infeedshaker or infeedbelt for optimal / even filling


Product file - Hydrocooler


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