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Flotation / Separating floating parts

Floating parts are drained off along a water gutter by water propulsion. This type of flotation separates the heavy, floating parts from the product. This machine is indispensable in the processing of peas. It can also be used for washed small carrots and potatoes. In this case the flotation funnel functions as a buffer. The conveyor belt of the flotation is a modular dewatering belt with cleats. This ensures a product-friendly operation. 


Technical details

  • Completely constructed of stainless steel 304L.
  • Product-friendly modular dewatering belt with cleats.
  • Drainage of the floating parts to the side by means of a water gutter.
  • Driven by SEW gearmotor.
  • Belt support in replaceable strips. 
  • Adjustable water propulsion. 
  • Equipped with manual drain valve.
  • Various doors for easy inspection and cleaning.
  • Dry mounted bearings for longer service life. 


  • Pneumatic operation of the drain valves.
  • Electrical control and automation of the complete setup.
  • External spray tube (for rinsing the product).

We recommend combining the flotation funnel with a filter drum (mechanical filter) and water tank in order to reduce the water consumption of this process. 



Product file - Flotation / Separating floating parts


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