Elevator type Redler

  • tubular frame in Stainless Steel
  • available in usefull width 400, 600 and 800 mm.
  • inclination = 60°
  • stainless steel chain reinforced with plastic entrants
  • the chain is guided in plastic profiles with fraised profile in the shape of the chain.
  • in the lower part, there is a manual slide to evacuate the washingwater, protected for safety
  • stainless steel bearings in pvc house
  • motorisation SEW
  • frequency control is required!
  • The top is shielded throughout the length by means of a grid in round bars with aperture 20 mm.


  • integrated CIP cleaningsystem equipped wth SS rotating nozzles
  • integrated drying nozzles for drying the entrants after washing


Product file - Elevator type redler


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