Cyclone Destoner

  • Completely built in Stainless Steel.
  • 3000 mm cyclonic funnel diameter (other dimensions possible : diameters 2.000 mm., 2.500 mm. and 3.500 mm.)
  • the out feed flume is bolded and is 350 mm high.
  • motorized stirring wheel with four special shaped plates welded on a central tube with 60 mm axe. The axe is retained in two heavy duty bearings.
  • SEW gear motor, on the stirring wheel with stainless steel protection cover. The speed is fixed. Its position is adjustable since the support frame is bolded on top of the cyclonic funnel.
  • the installation is supported by four square tubes
  • In feed height at 3300mm.
  • the evacuation of the stones at the bottom of the funnel is done by means of a heavy duty elevator integrated in a waterproof box :
    • waterproof frame in stainless steel plate – dimensions of section 600 X 500 mm. (Option: 1000 X 500 mm – in case of very long heavy objects to evacuate)
    • distance between the box and the belt = 235 mm.(option: 635mm)
    • diameter of the transfer of the conical funnel to the belt = 500 mm.
    • the belt is fixed to the funnel by means of a flange that is clamped and adjustable in position.
    • frame length = 6.000 mm.
    • the bottom of the box is provided with two waterproof shutters to access for cleaning
    • the tube that connects the conical funnel to the stone belt is also provided with a shutter
    • inside the frame there is a rubber belt with 75 mm. high flights every 250 mm. that are moulded into the belt. In the bottom of the flights there are holes to prevent the take away of water outside. The belt is supported by a fish-bone construction thick plate with an additional full plate underneath to prevent every passage of stones inside the belt
    • two stainless steel drums, 220mm diameter, and 4 mm thick and round shaped.
    • two SEW gear motors - with stainless steel cover - IEC standard, prevents every slipping of the belt (option: possible to put only one motor on top)
    • central point for greasing on an accessible spot.


Product file - Cyclone Destoner


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