The blancher-cooler is a completely stainless steel tunnel with a blue foodgrade modular belt. Water  is filtered over the modular filterbelt to protect pumps and spraying system. The belts are driven by a gear motor SEW.

The heating in the blanching zone is done by means of a direct steam injection in a special tube steam-water mixing injector in the collector after the blanchingpumps. The machine is executed with stainless steel pumps PACKO..

Air Cooling is also integrated (option). During aircooling it is important to open the covers in this area.

Aircooling is combined with watercooling all over the coolingsection, to be able to cool also spinach.

The spraying system is a patented tube-bar system which gives a good distribution of a high water volume and is not sensible to blocking of the sprayers. This is a fully reliable solution, patented by CB and applied already at blanchers at well known freezing companies.


Our references : Pinguin-Lutosa, Dicogel, D'Arta, Pasfrost, Oerlemans, Dujardin, Dejaeghere, Westfro, Horafrost , Homifreez, Begro, Dardico, Terr Loire, Motyl, Agrifreez...

Process specifications:

Blanching time: 1,5 up to 4 minutes

Cooling time: 3 up to 8 minutes

Blanching temperature: 75 °C – 95 °C

Cooling temperature: 20 to 22 °C. – possible to 5°C. with extra chiller.

Steam and water consumption:

Steam consumption: at 7 bar, 120 to 140 kg/ton, dependent on product

Ice water consumption: for output temperature of 20 °C - 0,8 to 1 m³/ton/hour, dependent on product and 50% lower in case of aircooling

Required utilities:

Electricity: 230/400V, 50Hz, 3ph+0+earth

Ice water:  5°C max. 3 bar to cool to 20°C.

Cold processwater: 12-15ºC, min. 2,5 bar, max. 4 bar

Steam: min. 7 bar saturated

Compressed air: moisture free, min. 6 bar, max. 10 bar



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