We would like to thank, encourage and inspire you!

Dear customers,   During the transition from this stormy year 2020 to the promising year 2021, we would like to thank, encourage and inspire you.   * Thank you for choosing Constructie Bruynooghe. * Thank you for getting to know us better. * Thank you for the pleasant collaboration. * Thank you for the trust you have placed in us.   * Together with our ...



Solution for cleaning peas

Machine set-up to remove light and floating impurities This month we are paying extra attention to the cleaning of peas. With a machine layout such as this, both light and floating impurities are removed from the product flow. This process is very product friendly.   First the vertical air cleaner removes the light parts, then the  ...



More than 45 years of experience in carrot processing

Constructie Bruynooghe ensures that your carrots excel on the shelf in the fresh market! Every carrot must be cleaned, calibrated and prepared for the best possible storage. Depending on the variety and harvest region, this requires a specific treatment. Thanks to our many years of expertise ...



Our project managers, your common thread from design to start-up

If you choose Constructie bruynooghe, your project will be assigned to a project manager from our engineering department from the moment it is sold. Together with the sales representative, the project manager will guide you from the design phase until your new line or machine is fully operational.  During the design ...



One-off offer

Fully refurbished second-hand roller grader ✔ Ready to deliver          ✔ Fully refurbished          ✔ All wear parts renewed! Application: Grading by thickness/diameter of carrots or other root vegtables and fruitsCapacity: 20 t/h. 6 possible categories (5 calibrations + 1 oversize) Possible grading: between 11mm and 76mm Useful width: 2,000mm Total dimen ...



Video report on Constructie Bruynooghe on 'Alle Zaken op een rijtje'

During the weekend of 29 and 30 August, Constructie Bruynooghe was presented on 'Alle Zaken op een Rijtje' on the Belgian Economical tv-channel 'Kanaal Z' Transcription of the video report on Constructie Bruynooghe in 'Alle Zaken op een rijtje' – on the Belgian Economical t ...



Discover our automated filling station

With an automatic filling station from Constructie Bruynooghe bulk packaging can be filled precisely. The integrated load cells detect when the pre-defined weight is almost reached. At that moment the dosing speed is automatically adjusted. This ensures a very accurate filling of the packaging.  A CB filling station can be used for various p ...



Anticipate the coming season!

Is your spinach line ready for next season? Constructie Bruynooghe would like to inspire you already with this example setup for the processing of 5 tons/h. A spinach line as proposed above can, among other things, be expanded with a sorting installation. Depending on your expectations, a line with a larger capacity can be supplied.  ...



Integration optical sorter in existing carrot line

One of our assembly teams is currently working at Coprimanche / Jardins-de-creances (France). This project includes the integration of an optical sorter in an existing carrot processing line. Dewatering belts were installed as well to connect the wet storage of the calibrated product to the packaging line.