Product in the spotlight: redler

In the past few months, we have delivered no less than 7 redlers to various customers in the prepared and fresh frozen industry. This seemed the ideal opportunity to put this transport solution in the spotlight. Application Closed transport of products Advantages High capacity Low maintenance cost Modular construction Different lengths and widths available Inclination angle el ...



Project overview: Cleaning line for horseradisch

The video of the start-up of the line at our German customer can be found here! This month, we give you a look at the washing process of horseradish. In this CB line, the product is washed, peeled and soaked. The clever use of filter drums ensures maximum product recuperation! The drum washer, brush washers and soaking tank make the hor ...



Vertical air cleaner with muffler - up to 10 dB noise reduction

Click on this link for the product video. This month, we zoom in on a vertical air cleaner with optional muffler. A vertical air cleaner separates light impurities from the product flow. In this project, hygienic design and safety were top priorities. The construction is such that retention zones for product and water are opt ...



Spotlight on bean processing line for 8 t/h

In June, we put the spotlight on this standard bean processing line with a capacity of 8 tonnes per hour. The most important assets of a bean line from Constructie Bruynooghe are its robustness, operational reliability and easy maintenance. In this newsletter, we discuss the different zones of the line, such as: the reception area, the washing area, the bean d ...



CB brush washer got an update

Watch the product video of our improved brush washer here. The brush washer of Constructie Bruynooghe was recently updated, making it more reliable and maintenance-friendly. When you choose a CB brush washer, you choose less and cheaper maintenance. In addition, the sliding doors and removable end panels ensure that all components are easily ac ...



Project video: destoner with optimal water recuperation

In our April newsletter, we feature an OS-Ø2000 cyclone destoner in a closed circuit with a dewatering grid, water tank and pump. Watch the project video here. Our expertise Constructie Bruynooghe is active in various segments of the food industry. Ever since its establishment in 1973, the carrot fresh market has been one of our areas of expertise. The cyclone destoner is a fi ...



Constructie Bruynooghe establishes Bruynooghe Automation

In January 2021, Bruynooghe Automation became reality. For several years now, we have been strongly building up our own in-house automation team. With the establishment of the subsidiary brand Bruynooghe Automation, we want to make the expertise of this team available to various production companies in West Flanders and East Flanders. Once we are established in the region, our ambition extends to the rest of Flanders and beyond.    What can we do for your ...



We would like to thank, encourage and inspire you!

Dear customers,   During the transition from this stormy year 2020 to the promising year 2021, we would like to thank, encourage and inspire you.   * Thank you for choosing Constructie Bruynooghe. * Thank you for getting to know us better. * Thank you for the pleasant collaboration. * Thank you for the trust you have placed in us.   * Together with our ...



Solution for cleaning peas

Machine set-up to remove light and floating impurities This month we are paying extra attention to the cleaning of peas. With a machine layout such as this, both light and floating impurities are removed from the product flow. This process is very product friendly.   First the vertical air cleaner removes the light parts, then the  ...