New Steam Blancher

Constructie Bruynooghe would like to present you our latest innovative project: The steam blancher, ideal for the steaming of potatoes, vegetables, fruit, etc.

The steam blancher offers many benefits such as:

  • A final product with a higher nutritional value, better taste, colour and texture
  • Higher production yield by using a more efficient steaming process
  • More economical in terms of water, steam and power consumption
  • No steam leakage
  • A hygienic design that can be expanded with full CIP and/or SIP integration

The blancher can be customised further with:

  • Combination with a cooling system (water or air + water)
  • Product flow by elevating belt or hydro transfer
  • Integration of a CIP and/or SIP system
  • Combination of steam/waterblanching

For any further questions contact: info@bruynooghe.be or call 0032 51 70 50 88

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