Since 1973, Constructie Bruynooghe N.V. based in Staden (Belgium) has been an established name when it comes to food processing machinery. This for the processing of vegetables, fruit, pasta and rice in various sectors such as the fresh market, frozen and prepared food.

Thanks to in-house engineering, construction, automation and assembly, our customers receive a tailor-made project and excellent service.

We offer years of expertise in the treatment of tuber vegetables, pulses, leafy vegetables, coals and hard fruit. Through continuous innovation, we can also help you with the processing of pasta and rice. Feel free to contact us for a customized project proposal!

In addition to machines and lines for bulk processing of fresh off field products, Constructie Bruynooghe also specialises in lines for packing, mixing and dosing. We assist fresh market suppliers as well as industrial processors.

We can build in individual machines as well as we deliver complete, ready-to-use production lines, including automation and water treatment.

Besides build-in line machinery, Constructie Bruynooghe also offers a number of stand-alone machines for the treatment of various products. This varies from the vibration technique for dewatering, sorting, transport and dosing to heat treatments and the associated cooling techniques.